Zinnlaube Magazine Issue 4 for 2014 – 2015 A4 sized softback once a year publication covering all aspects of collecting figures and the related history

118 pages of content, with further 12 pages of adverts, contents pages and covers.  All articles illustrated with colour photos.  All articles are written in German, but have abridged translations into English and French, unless noted otherwise below.

Additionally, this issue comes with a 2 page cut-and-bend cardboard castle.

1.  11 page article about WW1.  Well illustrated with photos of figures and some related trinkets, from Germany and France.  Lead and composition figures.  The focus of the article is the all-encompassing nature of WW1, the number of countries involved and the unforeseen outcomes for most combatant countries. Includes 2 ½ column English text translation.

2.  1 ½ page ‘An unusual boxed set depicting toy soldiers and refugee camps in the Netherlands during WW1.’

3.  2 page English article regarding Britains Paris Office WW1 flagbearers of 9 combatant Nations.

4.  2 page article regarding the fact that WW1 combat meant the end of the use of cavalry.

5.  12 page article with 2 page English translation.  ‘WW1 in the playroom’, toys contemporary to WW1.  Lovely illustrations of toys, photos, books, postcards.

6. 1 page article about a kit of the shooting of Archduke Ferdinand.

7.  5 page article about Spenkuch sets of demi-ronde figures depicting WW1 battles, German vs French, Austrian vs Hungarian, German vs Russia etc. No English translation.

8.  4 ½ page article about WW1 medical figures, illustrated with mainly composition, but also some lead figures.

9.  3 ½ page article about Bertrand & Vertunni.

10.  8 page article about Paul von Hindenburg, illustrated with lead figures, tourist souvenirs. 

11. 2 page English article about identification of Noris horses.

12.  6 page article about the German – Danish conflict of 1964.  No English translation.

13.  1 ½ page article about the British in Abyssinia.

14.  4 page article about the small German maker, Conrad Koch.

15. 2 pages on a box of figures by an unknown maker.

16. 2 pages by Neil Rhodes of Washington Old Toy Soldier Shoppe, about his favourite – in English.

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Zinnlaube Magazine - Issue 4 2014 - 15

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