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Zinnlaube Magazine Issue 8 for 2018 – 2019 A4 sized softback once a year publication covering all aspects of collecting figures and the related history.

  1. 90 pages of articles, 2 pages of book review, with approximately 20 pages of adverts, contents pages, covers and translations, so total 112 pages plus covers. All articles illustrated with colour photos, and some black and white facsimiles, where relevant. Most articles are written in German, but have abridged translations into English and French, unless noted otherwise (some articles are written in English). This edition is worth it just for the story of the Heyde Rescue Station No.1402, and 10 pages of photos showcasing the Stein Family Collection.
  2. 13 page article, ‘Dutch Pewter Figures’. Pewter / tin military figures were commercially produced in the Netherlands from as early as 1600. Lots of photos of early Dutch – made figures, and later models of Dutch scenes by Elastolin, Heyde, Heinrichsen, Ammon, Algeyer, Durso, Poeth, etc, etc.
  3. The Story Behind the Heyde Rescue Station set No.1402. 6 page article in English, superbly illustrated, 1 and ½ page translations in to German and French.
  4. The Heyde boxed set ‘Army Commanders of the Central Powers’. 5 page article, fully illustrated and translated in to English and French.
  5. Ruminations on creating your own Toy Figure Museum! 1 page article, translated into English and French, no illustrations.
  6. 2 page article from a collector who found a postcard showing children with toys, circa 1914, who realised that some of the toys depicted were Lineol figures! Fully illustrated in black and  white (as is the postcard), and translated in to English and French.
  7. ‘Catch the Thief’, 7 page article about the board game, published in 1907 by Gustav Weise with playing pieces by Spenkuch. Fully illustrated with abridged ½ page translations into English and French.
  8. 2 page article explaining the background to the semi-flat metal figures of the Battle of Balaclava given away with Greys Cigarettes in the 1930s. In English with full German and French translations, and fully illustrated.
  9. 6 page article regarding how the fairytale of Hansel & Gretel has been modelled by figure makers. Illustrations of the products of Elastolin, Froha, Spenkuch, Ohlsen, unknown makers, Lineol etc. Fully illustrated, 1 page abridged translations into English and French.
  10. 14 page interview with father and son collectors Emil and Martin Schabenstiel. No illustrations, fully translated into English and French.
  11. ‘Votes for Women’, 2 page article, 4 pages of photos, how women have been modelled by figure makers, including Vertunni. Fully translated into English and French.
  12. Tin Flats in the Vogtland Museum, Plaun, Germany. 3 page article, fully illustrated and translated in to English and French.
  13. The figure collection of the Stein Family. 10 pages, superb illustrations, superb collection, no need for translation!
  14. 2 pages of book reviews in German, (Joe Wallis and Lou Sandbote).
  15. 1 page ‘Who can identify these figures?’      


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Zinnlaube Magazine Iss 8 2018-19 Heyde, Dutch figures C1600, Spenkuch, Lineol

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