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In the late 1940s, English toy manufacturers started to replace the lead toys of pre WW2 with products of die cast zinc based metal.

New companies, specialising in toys of diecast manufacture, sprung up during this period. Companies like DCMT (Die Cast Metal Toys), Salco & Morestone came along to take advantage of new manufacturing techniques.

Companies that had previously manufactured in lead, such as Charbens, Benbros and Crescent adapted to the new material, producing new toys and redesigning old ones.

Toys from this period were individually boxed reflecting the increasing appreciation of marketing.
Some of the early diecast toys were made from an unstable mixture of metal, and these are consequently very rare in good, unrestored original condition.

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Charben rare diecast phone box with telephone.

NEW - Charben rare diecast phone box with telephone.

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