Mercator Trading –

Introducing you to our new website

Whilst running our business, selling vintage toys, we see a lot of very unusual, sometimes unique figures. We also see items that have been described incorrectly, and sometimes faked or repainted, either for sale online or in collections.

We think it would be helpful if information about fake items was disseminated, and we know collectors will be interested in seeing the unusual items, as it is not possible to see everything first hand, however many toy fairs you attend.

This website is not a definitive record of fake, or indeed, unusual items. Buyers should always beware of particularly rare, unique, ‘first one seen’ type descriptions. If an item looks too good to be true, then it probably is. But just occasionally unique items do turn up, as will be seen from some of the items we will show on the site.

The information shown is free. We welcome comments, and especially additional information about specific items and information on the site.