We stock a wide selection of lead figures from around the World. This section is for metal figures that were originally sold as toys when they were new.

Toy lead figures have been made for hundreds of years. During the mid 19th Century, German companies such as Johann Haffner, Georg Heyde, Krause, Noris, Spenkuch & Wollner commenced commercial volume production of solid lead, or vollplastische figures. At the same time in France, Lucotte and CBG (late CBG Mignot), were producing similar, ronde – bosse figures.

It wasn’t until 1893 that the English company, W Britains invented the hollow cast method of manufacture. This eventually came to dominate the lead figure market and led to the Britains 1/32 scale, where an average man’s height is depicted as 54 mm, becoming the de facto Worldwide standard for hollow lead figures.

Britains had many English competitors, and we stock products from all of them:

  • Benbros
  • Charbens
  • Crescent
  • John Hill & Co
  • Philip Segal
  • Pixyland
  • Kew
  • Timpo
  • Taylor & Barrett

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