Originally made from the ‘waste’ product of wooden toy production, composition toys became some of the most stylish and detailed of toy figures. Usually associated with the German companies of Hausser Elastolin & Lineol, they have been produced around the World. French companies SFBJ, Bon – Dufour and Giroux, and Tipple Topple of Austria were already in production in the 19th Century. Chialu, Confalonieri, Figir & Fontanini of Italy, Durso and Incamin of Belgium, Durolin of Czechoslovakia, Molded Products of US, even Brent Products of England all produced composition figures (masse figuren)for over 60years during the 20th Century.

Mercator concentrate on the major manufacturers but will stock any piece when we feel the quality is high enough.

The height of each item is given in millimetres. All heights are given from the table top – so include the base of the model.

We are experts in packaging figures for International customers – send us an email for the delivery price to you where ever you are in the World!

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